Choose. Cast. Direct. Present.


PRESS RELEASE of March 30, 2019

ARTSNCT offering unique opportunity to one lucky student 

ARTSNCT, Newcomerstown’s new arts center, is now accepting proposals from students in the tri-county area (Tuscarawas, Coshocton, and Guernsey counties) for a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose, cast, direct, and present a stage play of their choice. 

Eligibility requires that the applying student be in grades 9-12 for the 2019-2020 school year or recently graduated from high school in 2019 in the tri-county area. 

Michael Wise, the center’s executive direct, said, “We are looking for one special person who has been in school or community productions and has developed a special love for the theatre; a high school thespian, a theatre geek, or a creative individual that would like the chance to make a vision come alive.” 

Wise continued to say, “When I was a senior in high school, the teacher who was to direct the school plays reneged and when no other faculty member stepped up to the helm, I did.” 

During the first part of his high school senior year, Wise had organized a drama club at Newcomerstown Middle School. He shifted his attention to the high school when his proposal was accepted by its principal and school board. Without adult supervision, he proved that he could direct every aspect of the production. 

Wise said, “I did it because I had a great theatre director for the two prior years. He inspired me with confidence and was a great teacher, director, and friend.” 

That teacher was Richard Smith who later suggested to one of his students to pursue an acting career. That student named Julie Smith went on to become Oscar winner Julianne Moore. 

Directing the high school play, Send Me No Flowers, was a lifetime experience that Wise has never forgotten and now he wants to offer the same experience to one special individual. 

ARTSNCT will obtain the rights, pay royalties, provide scripts, rehearsal, and performance space for the production. The center’s staff and volunteers will provide as much or as little assistance as the chosen director would like. ARTSNCT will retain all rights as the producer of the show.

And here is the kicker … ARTSNCT will split the box office profit with the director and his cast.

For complete details, rules, and an application go to or email

Deadline for submitting proposals is Saturday, May 18. Performance dates to be announced. 

ARTSNCT is located at 304 South College Street, Newcomerstown. (740) 575-5710. 



… a family-friendly play you would like to direct from the distinguished catalogs of Samuel French, Dramatists, and others.

• ARTSNCT would prefer that your show be a non-musical comedy or one with a special meaning.

• Your show should also utilize one set or a minimum set.

• Backstage space is limited at ARTSNCT.

• ARTSNCT will also acquire the performance rights, pay the royalties, provide scripts, rehearsal and performance space.


… your show with the actors you like by holding auditions, or casting friends and classmates that you feel are up to the parts.

• We prefer your play to be a small cast show … or choose a play with the number of actors that you are sure to cast.

• Your actors may be of any age from any school or location.

• Your actors should be reliable and have reliable transportation to and from rehearsals and performances at ARTSNCT.


… the show the way you want it.

• ARTSNCT will work with you to schedule a 6-7 week rehearsal schedule at convenient times.

• Rehearsals are to take place at ARTSNCT unless other arrangements are approved.

• As far as directing your production, ARTSNCT will assist you with as little or as much help as you like.

• ARTSNCT reserves all rights as the producer of the production.


… your finished production on ARTSNCT’s stage for one or two weekends.

• The number of performances will be discussed as the show goes into production.

• And here is the kicker … ARTSNCT will split the box office profit with you and your cast!

NOTE: ARTSNCT reserves the right to add to or modify these details and/or requirements at any time.

• If you are interested in joining us as a Creative Leader this summer, please email Michael Wise ( for your application and show proposal forms.