Join Us


Have a little extra time? Enjoy being with people? Want to stand out from the rest?

Please consider volunteering some time to assist ARTSNCT in bringing great programs to our community.

We welcome volunteering in many different capacities. Direct help with program participants, administrative tasks, and maintenance. 

No experience is necessary. We will be there to show you every little step, if needed.


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.
— Elizabeth Andrew

Makeup Artists

Whether you are an experienced makeup artist or just know how to apply your own, ARTSNCT needs you for stage productions and photo shoots.

So if you can spare a little time, please consider helping us look beautiful. 

Stage Crew

Not really interested in performing or being in the light?

Why not volunteer a bit of time to assist us backstage with scenery, props, and production?

We welcome your assistance in any area ... set construction, painting, props, stage management, etc.


Lighting & Sound

ARTSNCT has a great need for anyone offering their assistance and expertise with sound and lighting systems.

We hope to purchase additional sound and lighting equipment that could possibly be used by the Newcomerstown school system too.

Individuals with any experience are encouraged to contact us.

Musicians & Vocalists

We are also in constant need of musicians, especially piano, bass and drums.

Occasionally there will be a need for guitars, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute and violin, among others. Not to mention backup singers and soloists for special programs.

Please consider sharing your talents with us even if it is for only one show or one performance.

We are also seeking talented musicians and vocalists to be featured in our free concerts series.

Actors & Comedians

Have you been in high school plays or community theatre productions? Do you enjoy being on stage? Or, is this something you may be interested to try?

If so, ARTSNCT is the group for you.

Our acting troupe, Not Your Average Theatre Group, will perform three to four different shows per season.

So contact us if you would like to be in one show or all of them.

The fun and the experience you gain will be priceless ... not to mention the friends you may bond with.

Teachers and Instructors

ARTSNCT is partnering with teachers, instructors, and other artists in the tri-county area to offer private or small group instruction in vocal and instrumental music, dance, art, creative writing, photography, film making, etc.

Youth are offered lessons or classes either at no cost or at minimal cost.

Future plans are for ARTSNCT to apply for and offer grants that subsidize education programs in the arts to low income families.

If you have a special talent that can be taught or passed on to our next generation of creative and artistic leaders, please contact Michael Wise to talk about the possibilities.

At the least, please register with us and receive free referrals for prospective students.