Leadership and Support


Managing Director

Michael A. Wise
Executive Director, ARTSNCT INC.

Board of Directors

Eric S. Spears
Senior Technical Writer/Editor, Human Solutions, Inc.
President, ARTSNCT INC.

Andrew T. Wackerfuss, PhD
Professor, Georgetown University
Vice President, ARTSNCT INC.

Catherine L. Cameron Mitchell
Secretary/Treasurer, ARTSNCT INC.

Barbara Regula White
Board Member At-large, ARTSNCT INC.

Honorary Board Members

The Honorable Pat Cadle
Mayor, Newcomerstown, Ohio
Honorary Chairman, ARTSNCT INC.

Heather Stein-Wells
Member, Newcomerstown City Council
President, Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad
Honorary Director, ARTSNCT INC.

K. Kristie Wilkin
Member, Newcomerstown City Council
Honorary Director, ARTSNCT INC.

Dave Archer
Member, Newcomerstown Board of Education
Honorary Director, ARTSNCT INC.

Jeff Staggs
Superintendent, Newcomerstown School System
Honorary Director, ARTSNCT INC.

David 'Cody' Addy
Director, Newcomerstown Public Library
Honorary Director, ARTSNCT INC.

Advisory Council

Kathy Ellis
Mary Lynn Berkshire
, Studio 3
Dance & Movement, ARTSNCT INC.

Tyler J. Butler
Ohio University
Music & Audio Engineering, ARTSNCT INC.

Brenda J. Wise
Not Your Average Theatre Group, ARTSNCT INC.

Kay Gossett Dennis
Wardrobe, ARTSNCT INC.