Cooley Hotel Building

Canal Street, Newcomerstown, Ohio




The Coshocton TribuneApril 4, 1929 - John W. Cooley, veteran hotel man of Newcomerstown, was somewhat undecided today as to where his new hotel building will be erected in Newcomerstown.

He originally planned to erect the new modern four-story structure on the Hummel lot at Bridge and Church Streets but yesterday the Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce suggested that he secure a location on West Canal Street.

Mr. Cooley is considering the West Canal Street location but not yet definitely decided whether to change his plans.

The blueprint and facsimile drawing of the proposed hotel building have been completed by the architect.

The new hotel building will contain 44 sleeping rooms, barbershop, laundry, heating plant and storage, lobby, coffee shop, public and private dining rooms, kitchen, and public toilets. Seventeen of the rooms will contain private baths and 24 rooms will have running water.

The first floor will include the lobby, coffee shop, dining rooms and kitchen.

The building will be fireproof and constructed of steel and brick. The dimensions of the proposed building are 50 by 90 feet. A park with shrubbery will be made at the south end of the lot, provided the building is constructed at Bridge and Church Streets. Mr. Cooley indicated that the lot on which the Fountain Hotel is located, which belongs to him, will be used for garages.

The interior walls of the building will be of hollow building tile, and the interior will be gum stained and varnished. The rooms on the first floor will have terrazzo floor finish and the sleeping room floor will be concrete, painted or carpeted. The toilets and baths are to have tile floors and wainscoting.

Work on the new building is expected to begin about April 15. A hotel such as Mr. Cooley plans to construct is badly needed in Newcomerstown in the opinion of many.

1929: Work On Cooley Hotel Moves Rapidly

The Coshocton TribuneTuesday, October 15, 1929 - Much progress has been made on the new Cooley Hotel Building on Canal Street. The building is now under roof with the concrete floors and stairways finished. The building is to be finished this winter.


Baltimore Clothing Store
Newcomerstown, Ohio


1923: New Store Front

The Coshocton TribuneJune 14, 1923 - A new front is being made on the Baltimore Clothing Store, just west of the newly built front on the same building. When completed it will be similar to the east front, it was learned. The front will include an attractive show window.


Atkinson Grocery Newcomerstown, Ohio

1923: Grocery Sold

The Coshocton TribuneJune 14, 1923 - Clarks & Ports, grocers, of New Philadelphia have purchased the Atkinson grocery on South Bridge Street. The new owners expect to take possession of the store by Monday.

This makes the third store Mr. Atkinson has sold within the past several years, was the report Thursday. The new owners recently sold their grocery store at New Philadelphia.


Crater Building

Main Street, Newcomerstown, Ohio

Razing Makes Way For New Businesses
Newcomerstown Loses Old Residence and the former Crater Building

The Coshocton Tribune: Wednesday, February 28, 1973 - Don Unger of Unger Construction, Gnadenhutten, said today that the former Robert Duffy residence on West State Street had been purchased by him and will be razed this week to make way for construction of two brick buildings, one to house a Lawson Dairy Party Store.

Also to be constructed on the 114 by 280 foot lot will be a building suitable for a small business or offices. All will be leased by Unger who hopes for completion the latter part of June.

The large old home was originally the Frank Miskimen residence who raised strawberries on his acreage.

The former Crater Building on Main Street is also marked to be razed according to Dennis Ross, Sunset Drive, owner of the B&D Construction who recently purchased it.

For many years it was occupied on the first floor by the Baltimore Clothing with the office of the late Dr. Hanson and the Franciene's Beauty Shop on the second floor.

Ross said his plans were to build a two-story brick building with some 4,000 to 6,000 square feet of floor space suitable for either four offices or two shops and two offices.

Razing will get underway in about three weeks and he hopes to have the new building erected this summer.


M.W. Danford - Clayworkers

Newcomerstown, Ohio

circa 1911

 Currently we do not have any information available on this photo that is dated 1911
or M. W. Danford in Newcomerstown. Possibly M.W. Danford was the photographer.

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Dr. W.R. Agricola
Celebrated His 100th Birthday on October 6, 2012

A Few Timeline Items

June 23, 1940
Dr. Roy Hildebrand Will Spend Year at Cleveland Hospital

Dr. Roy Hildebrand, North College Street, announced Saturday that he will leave June 30 for Cleveland to serve as resident surgeon in ear, nose and throat work at the Cleveland city hospital.

He will be succeeded at the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital, Cross Street, by Dr. W.R. Agricola, Baltic. Dr. Agricola was graduated from Western Reserve University, Cleveland, and the School of Medicine in Cleveland. He served two internships consisting of one year each in the St. Elizabeth Hospital, Youngstown, and the Youngstown City Hospital.

Mrs. Hildebrand and children will join Dr. Hildebrand in Cleveland at a later date. Dr. Hildebrand's appointment with the Cleveland Hospital is for one year, following which, he said, he plans to return to the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital.

June 26, 1940
Assumes Practice of Dr. Hildebrand

Dr. W.R. Agricola, son of Rev. and Mrs. E. Agricola, Baltic, will take over the practice of Dr. Roy D. Hildebrand and operate the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital when Dr. Hildebrand leaves Sunday to become resident surgeon at Cleveland City Hospital. Dr. Hildebrand expects to return to Newcomerstown in 12 months.

Dr. Agricola, a graduate of Western Reserve University, served his internship at two Youngstown hospitals.

July 01, 1940
New Doctor Arrives

Dr. W.R. Agricola, Baltic, arrived Saturday to succeed Dr. Roy Hildebrand at the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital. Dr. Hildebrand left Sunday to assume a post as surgeon in ear, nose and throat work at the Cleveland City Hospital.

November 08, 1940
Hildebrand / Agricola

Dr. Roy Hildebrand, who formerly practiced here, and who has been assistant resident physician in ear, nose and throat diseases at Cleveland City Hospital, has been promoted to head of the department.

Dr. Hildebrand had served nearly on year in his capacity as assistant at the institution. Prior to his connection with the hospital, the physician operated the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital on Cross Street, which now is in charge of Dr. W.R. Agricola.

Mrs. Hildebrand and children will continue to reside on North College Street for the present.

July 03, 1941
Doctor Moves

Dr. W.R. Agricola, who has been living in the Hildebrand house on Cross Street, moved today to 131 Neighbor Street. Dr. Agricola will continue to maintain offices at the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital on Cross Street.

July 24, 1941
Miss Virginia Berry and Dr. Agricola Are Wed

In a quiet wedding ceremony performed yesterday evening at six o'clock at the Berry home on North Cross Street, Miss Virginia Berry became the bride of Dr. W.R. Agricola, son of Rev. and Mrs. E. Agricola of Baltic.

The single-ring service was in charge of he bridegroom's father and took place in the presence of members of the immediate family and friends in the living room. Miss Berry wore a blue crepe dress and her accessories were white. Her shoulder corsage was composed of Starlight roses. The bride's mother as attired in a blue lace dress and her accessories were eggshell. Both Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Agricola wore corsages of Johannahill roses.

Immediately after the ceremony the group was served lunch on the lawn, following which the bride and groom left for a wedding trip through the eastern states. They will make their home at 314 Cross Street upon their return. Dr. Agricola is in charge of the Newcomerstown Emergency Hospital on Cross Street.

Miss Berry was graduated from Newcomerstown High School and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Dr. Agricola was graduated from Baltic High School, Wooster College and Western Reserve University Medical School. He has been practicing in Newcomerstown for the year and a half.

Out-of-town guests at the wedding included Mr. and Mrs. E. Arndt, St. Louis, MO; Rev. and Mrs. George Shurtz, Orange, OH; Miss Kathleen Cox, Fremont, OH; Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Russell, Loganport, IN; Mrs. Paul Carte, Charleston, WV; Mrs. Ralph Windsor and Misses Lucille and Elma Smith, Chester, OH; Dr. and Mrs. C.W. MacGavran and Dr. and Mrs. M.V. Sheets, Columbus, OH; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heintz, St. Louis, MO; and Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Watts, Zanesville, OH.