Michael A. Wise,  Photographer

Michael Wise developed an eye for taking unique photos as a young child in Newcomerstown, Ohio when his aunt Doris gave him an old Kodak Brownie camera. His professional career in photography began in the year 2000, turning his lifelong hobby and love for the photographic arts into a thriving professional pursuit. Since 2000, he has been granted exclusive photo shoots with various celebrities from the outrageously funny and outspoken Margaret Cho to The Honorable Richard Gephardt. His photos have been featured on both public and network television and have also appeared on the pages of numerous magazines and newspapers around the world, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The London Times.

A series of four photographs from September 11, 2001 simply entitled "9/11" has become part of the permanent collection of the New York Public Library, New York, NY after a two-year tour in the September 11 Photo Project. A collection of Mr. Wise's photographic work entitled "The Neighborhood" is on permanent exhibition throughout the Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters in Washington, DC and a smaller collect, entitled "The Neighborhood Too" can be seen in the Beacon Sky Bar. A large collection of Michael's work is also showcased throughout the St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites, including its Presidential Suite.

When asked to make a simple statement about his photography, Michael said a quote from American photographer and writer Diane Arbus about her own work sums it up completely - "I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them."

Select Professional and Artistic Activities

Artistic and Freelance Photographer; Member of the National Press Photographers Association; Member of Society of Sport and Event Photographers; Photographic Editor/Photographer for Window Media LLC/Washington Blade; Staff Photographer for Sports Club/LA at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC; Past Officer of the Data Processing Management Association, Washington, DC (a.k.a. Association of Information Technology Professionals); Co-Founder of Ariodante Gallery, New Orleans, LA; Co-Founder of WorldWideGallery, Washington, DC; Co-Founder of Almond Didier, Washington, DC; Eleven-year Participating Artist & Honoree, Art for Life, Whitman-Walker, Washington, DC.

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Photographed Subjects of Note.

by Michael A. Wise

  • President William Jefferson Clinton and First Lady Hilary Rodham-Clinton

  • The Honorable Madeline Albright, United States Secretary of State

  • The Honorable Richard Gephardt, United States Congressman, Missouri (exclusive shoot)

  • The Honorable Hilary Rodham-Clinton, United States Senator, New York

  • The Honorable Justice Sonia Sotomayor, United States Supreme Court

  • The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, U.S. Delegate, Washington, DC

  • The Honorable James Gilmore, Governor of the State of Virginia

  • The Honorable Frank O'Bannon, Governor of the State of Indiana

  • The Honorable Anthony A. Williams, Mayor of Washington, DC

  • The Honorable Adrian Fenty, Mayor of Washington, DC

  • The Honorable Vincent C. Gray, Mayor of Washington, DC

  • Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain

  • Whoopie Goldberg, Actress, Comedienne

  • "Baby Rosita" and Mrs. Cecilia Chirindza, Mozambique

  • Jose Feliciano, Singer, Songwriter

  • Maria Conchita Alonso, Actress, Singer

  • Dr. Spencer Crew, Director of the National Museum of American History, Washington, DC

  • David Brock, Author

  • Tammy Faye Bakker Messner (exclusive shoot)

  • Laura Chinchilla, President of Costa Rica

  • Carol Channing, Actress, Comedienne

  • Bernadette Peters, Actress, Singer

  • Lynda Carter, Actress, Singer, Activist

  • Pepper MaShay, International Dance Diva (CD cover) 

  • Melba Moore, Actress, Singer

  • Margaret Cho, Actress, Comedienne (exclusive shoot) 

  • David Mixner, Political Activist (exclusive shoot & cover) 

  • Peter Paige, Actor

  • Lady Gaga, Singer, Songwriter, Activist

  • The Lady Bunny, Entertainer

  • Lypsinka, Entertainer

  • Bruce Vilanch, Comedy Writer

  • Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Washington, DC

  • Sergeant Major of the marine Barracks, Washington, DC

  • Miss Americas

  • Judith Light, Actress, Humanitarian

  • Robert Desiderio, Actor


    Selected Published and Televised Photographs.

    of Michael A. Wise

    Published Photographs

    Televised Images


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     Biography  |  Exhibitions  |  Published & Televised Images
    Photographed Subjects of Note  |  Modeling Opportunities

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    Exhibitions. Shows. Collections.

    of Michael A. Wise

    Beacon Sky Bar, Washington, DC
    2011 thru present - Permanent Collection - "The Neighborhood Too"

    Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters, Washington, DC
    Meeting rooms

    St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites, Washington, DC

    The September 11 Photo Project ("9/11" a series of four photographs)
    National Tour, throughout 2002 & 2003
    Permanent Collection of New York Public Library, NY as of 2003 [view] 

    17th Street Bar & Grill, Washington, DC
    2000 thru 2004 - Permanent Collection - "The Neighborhood" [view] 

    Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters, Washington, DC
    2005 thru present - Permanent Collection - "The Neighborhood" [view] 

    Oganization of American States / OAS, Washington, DC
    2000 [view], 2001 [view], 2002 [view], 2003 [view]

    Carnegie Institute, Washington, DC
    2004 [view], 2005 [view] 

    Whitman-Walker, Art For Life, Washington, DC
    2000 [view], 2001 [view],  ....... 

    17th Street Bar & Grill, Washington, DC
    2002 - "Reflections of Washington" [view] 

    Donna's Cafe and Coffe Bar, Baltimore, MD
    2001 - "Eye Candy" [view]

    Fitness Together, Bethesda, MD
    2001 thru 2003 - "Fitness in Art, And The Art of Fitness" [view] 

    Go Mama Go!, Washington, DC
    2003, 2004, 2005 (Art For Life Contributions) 


    WYES Public Broadcasting Art Auction, New Orleans, LA
    1991 - Acrylics on Paper

    Ariodante Gallery, New Orleans, LA
    1990 thru 1996 - Various Acrylics on Paper


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     Biography  |  Exhibitions  |  Published & Televised Images
    Photographed Subjects of Note  |  Modeling Opportunities

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    Almond Didier Launch Special: Limited Edition

    Royal Lauderette

    by Michael A. Wise

    • 11 1/2 x 17 giclée print on canvas

    • Limited Edition:
      only 100 are authorized in this size

    • Each signed and numbered by the artist

    • Ready for framing

    Royal Launderette300.00 600.00

    11" x 17" Giclée on Canvas (cut)
    by Michael A. Wise.
    Ready for framing.

  • In 1990, Michael A. Wise located to New Orleans where he and a partner launched Ariodante Gallery in the trendy Warehouse District just two doors off of the famous St. Charles Avenue. He remained in The Big Easy for four years helping to firmly establish the popular gallery that continues to attract artists and art collectors from around the world. During this period, Michael concentrated on painting under a nom de plume. His paintings are rare and inspired by Jackson Pollock. Three of his artworks were featured in an art auction by the New Orleans PBS channel WYES.

    In February of 2005, Michael returned to New Orleans and documented the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods by capturing over 3,000 photographs just months before Hurricane Katrina unleashed her wrath on the area. 

    After the storm, an 18" x 24" giclée on canvas of "Royal Launderette" was donated to the American Red Cross and auctioned with the proceeds going to relief efforts in New Orleans for the victims. 

    That same year, an 18" x 24" giclée on canvas was also donated to the 12th Annual Art For Life Auction at the Carnegie Institute of Washington benefiting Whitman Walker's Latino Services for HIV/AIDS treatment. The piece was valued at $1,200.

    Michael has designated this image to remain as a "charity piece" and has pledged to continue donating all proceeds from it to a worthy cause of his choice.

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