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100% of your ad dollar stays in Newcomerstown to support ARTSNCT - An Alliance of the Arts for our children and our community.


Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832 is fast becoming the #1 Source For All Things Newcomerstown thanks to the cooperation and enthusiasm of many individuals. All published information, stories, photographs, and archived memories are provided as a service to Newcomerstown, Ohio, and the surrounding area. The site is sustained by donations and advertisers. It is a fundraising source for ARTSNCT, an alliance of the arts.


Newcomerstown, Ohio

Newcomerstown is a village in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, United States, 85 miles (137 km) east-northeast of Columbus. In the late 1770s, this was the largest Lenape village on the Tuscarawas River, with 700 residents. Chief Newcomer (Netawatwes) was the leader of the western Lenape here, and they called the village Gekelmukpechunk. Early French traders and English settlers named the village Newcomerstown after the chief. Soon after the start of the American Revolutionary War, the Lenape moved west to Coshocton, about halfway through what is now the next county.

According to some accounts, Newcomerstown was named after an incident that occurred between a Lenape chief and his wife Mary Harris. Chief Eagle Feather grew tired of his wife. He abducted a younger squaw as a second wife and tried to have Harris accept her in her wigwam. Harris allegedly killed Chief Eagle Feather and told the warriors of the village that the young squaw ran away. The warriors hunted the young woman down and killed her. The settlement was thenceforth known as "Newcomerstown", after the squaw.


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YEARBOOK ARCHIVE - A collection of Newcomerstown yearbooks is coming to The Newcoseans, Middle School and Elementary School books and photos are included back to the 1800's.

IN MEMORIAM - You will find local obituaries, tributes, memories, photos, with various genealogy information and documents on Newcomerstownians going back to the 1800's.


100% of All Proceeds from this website stay in Newcomerstown

That's right. 100% of all proceeds  go to support ARTSNCT - An Alliance of the Arts and benefit our youth and our community.