Bluegrass @artsNCT 

Chestnut Hill Band @artsNCT, Newcomerstown

Chestnut Hill Band @artsNCT, Newcomerstown

Chestnut Hill Bluegrass Band returns to ARTSNCT, Newcomerstown’s new arts center on Friday, November 16 for a second fundraiser benefiting the center’s programs. 

Mark Hardesty, a band member, and Michael Wise, the center’s executive director were classmates at Newcomerstown High School. Wise said, “Mark attended our class reunion that was held at ARTSNCT in August. When he saw what we were trying to accomplish and provide to the community, he and his brother, Duane, quickly volunteered to donate their time, talent, and resources to help raise funds for our proposed programs. They and their fellow bandmembers are outstanding musicians and they want to see ARTSNCT succeed.” 

Wise said other Newcomerstown classmates were also impressed at the reunion and have donated time, money, and support to help bring the arts to the community. 

Bluegrass @artsNCT, Friday, November 16, 7-9pm, is free and open to the public with a free-will donation at the door. 

ARTSNCT is located at 304 South College Street, Newcomerstown. (740) 575-5710  

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